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I want to do a great portrait for you. I won't settle for anything less and of course neither should you. With that said, the most important factor in creating a piece of art you'll love is not so much what I can do, but the photo or photos you provide me with. Simply put, I can only draw what I can see. The photos must be high quality, clear, in focus and the subject or subjects should fill the frame. The more crisp detail I can see, the more crisp detail I can draw. Clarity is all-important. So here is a list of dos and don'ts to help you choose the ideal subject matter for your portrait.

  • Use the highest setting on your camera or smartphone

  • Fill the frame with the subject

  • If possible use natural light

  • Turn off that camera flash. The eyes are all-important

  • Make sure photos you already have are clear and detailed

  • Remember...clarity is key to a good portrait

  • Don't resize, crop or compress photos

  • Don't take a photo of a photo

  • Don't use screenshots

  • Don't add filters to your photos

  • Don't use a camera flash. Especially with animal photography as their eyes are highly-reflective

  • Remember...the quality of the portrait depends on the quality of the photo

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